Six Figure Investigator Marketing
Six Figure Investigator Marketing
Six Figure Investigator Marketing

A community for P.I. Sales & Marketing Growth.

We help you get more clients by improving your marketing strategy. Let's get your name out there.

You are not an Investigator. 

You're a Marketer.

Trust me, it's a mindset. And as soon as I adjusted my marketing strategy, I was able to grow my agency from $0 to over six figures on my own, using both proven and creative marketing strategies. Join our free community today to learn how to:

 Attract Consistent High-Paying clients through branding and smart marketing.

Network with fellow Private Investigator marketers all across the country to collaborate and share ideas and strategies.  

The fact of the matter is this:

No one will hire you if they don't know you exist.

And guess what? It's not magic. It's marketing. All the drive and commitment in the world is useless without a solid marketing strategy. Leverage my creative insight to help you grow your brand.  

Who am I? 

I'm an award-winning entrepreneur, 15 year Private Investigator and owner of Sly Fox Investigations- the only agency in the State of Louisiana honored by the Louisiana State Senate for excellence in surveillance. In addition to my degree in Business/Marketing, I'm a 6-figure business owner, a keynote speaker, a published best-selling author, a trainer, a contributing writer to P.I. Magazine, a Sales & Marketing speaker for the World Association of Detectives, and a Surveillance Consultant for VH1. I know how to market. I know how to win. In this community, I'll show you how you can do the same.

Shorten your learning curve. Take advantage of members-only courses that teach you how to properly brand, package, and sell your services as a Private Investigator.  

Attendees of my sales & marketing trainings hail from all around the world including Canada, India, Nigeria, Hong Kong and Israel. Here's what folks are saying about Sly Fox 6 Figure Investigator Marketing:

Great sales & marketing training! Makes Investigator's  sales better and increases Investigator confidence. Well done. - Alex Solomanidin, First Vice President, World Association of Detectives.
 Moscow, Russia
"I recently attended one of Brianne's Six-Figure Investigator marketing trainings and I was so impressed with her knowledge and ideas. She didn't just tell you what to do, she showed you how to do it. Such great information packed into her mentorship program. If you are new to this industry, you really should join her mentorship program." -Matthew Spaier, President Satellite Investigations, Host of PI Perspectives podcast and Owner of Investigators-toolbox.
Bronx, New York
I really enjoyed the sales & marketing trainings. I received a lot of information to help me with getting clients. - Yagnadeep Thakar                                         New Delhi, India 
I've been a P.I. over 30 years and I just attended one of the 6 Figure Investigator marketing trainings. It was so useful and so amazing! Today you helped me learn what I can do to better my business. Thank you so much for sharing your successful tips." -                                                                                  V. Lovetere Cologna, Venus Investigations.                                            Las Vegas, NV           

Join now.  

Let's get your name out there.

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